zaterdag 29 maart 2014

Where are the other ships? ...and some pictures

This is just a quick post with some nice pictures I was struggling to put in yesterdays post with the rather slow internet connection, coming along with an update on our location in relation to the other participating vessels. Twice a day, we are supposed to send an updated position to  shore, which allows Sascha, our land based cruise coordinator, to jump into action if one of us would rush away or be left behind. This generally would imply either a slight change of the cruise plan or the fastest vessel would have to wait for the other participants.
As you can see we are very nicely lined up at the moment, with Russia and the Netherlands looking as if they were part of a race, and just escaped from the Irish. Norway is currently surveying the Rockall area and is apparently surrounded by Russian fishing vessels, while they are observing a blue whiting carpet close to the bottom.
In the meantime 2 more hauls were done, but more about this a little bit later. And the Faeroe Islands started their part of the survey up in the north but their position remains as yet unknown... For now, enjoy some nice pictures taken during this trip so far..

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