zaterdag 28 maart 2015

A Broken Winch!

Friday 27th 2015

The weather today is good, with calm seas and high visibility. Blue whiting start to appear in relatively dense schools around mid-morning so the net was shot. After the netsonde (scanning echosounder on the head-rope of the net) had shown good amounts of fish entering the net we being to haul the net in...however a broken winch prevented the nets being bought on board. Mechanics spent several hours trying to fix the problem.

Dense schools of blue whiting appearing on echogram. Note the interference is still visible but less apparent in the calmer weather.

A fiddly job fixing the winch.

In the meantime, a net full of fish remains stranded behind the vessel.

After 5 hours (some kind of record) of having the net dragging behind the vessel the winch was finally fixed and we had our 3rd haul on board. The fish team could get to work!

In come the nets...

... and finally fish to process!

Making the most of calm seas.

Full steam ahead to make up lost time!

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